The Mindfulness Masterclass

Do you have what it takes to become EMPOWERED?

Damn right, you do. Mindfulness is a word that gets thrown around a lot - but what exactly does it mean? The basic principles of mindfulness focus on bringing awareness to the present moment by quieting our thoughts and silencing our ego (fear). The impact?

+ heal your inner restlessness and experience more balance in your life, job and relationships

+ put an end to negative self-talk and level up your confidence

+ master your mindset so you can enjoy the present moment without having to constantly concern yourself with what is to come

+ strengthen your mind-body connection and experience inner peace

+ create your freedom life today (aka live like a bad@ss!)

I can tell you firsthand that it feels amazing...unlike anything I had ever known before.

Mindfulness is much more than a's a way of life.

But this isn't just about being more mindful - it's about taking back control over your thoughts, emotions, and experiences on this messy journey called life. As a result, you will begin to feel more confident and at peace on your path. You begin to loosen that grip on the past and worry less about the future. And best of all, you will become a stronger, happier, more authentic version of yourself. 

Now For The Breakdown

  • 6 Weeks Of Group Coaching, with a bonus week for integration
  • Access to The Mindfulness Masterclass content portal, which contains all of your weekly downloads, journals, assignments, quizzes and mini trainings
  • One live group call each week via Zoom
  • Exclusive access to The Mindfulness Masterclass Facebook community where you can engage with other members, past and present, and review all zoom recordings
  • A 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching session with yours truly - we will set personal intentions and goals for the present and future
  • A lifetime of mentorship <3 


This course is officially open for enrollment! We kick off the week of March 31st. Once you've enrolled, I will reach out to you personally with the details, including your personal access links to the coaching portal. 

Personal Transformation

A Basic Breakdown Of The Mindfulness Masterclass

Week 1

Practicing Awareness/How To "Be Here Now"

Week 2

Meditation Is A Privilege

Week 3

Have Faith And Surrender (The Law Of Attraction Is For Realz)

Week 4

Mindfulness In Motion

Week 5

Level Up Your Confidence

Week 6

Create Your Freedom Life 

Tell Me More!

Not sure if this journey is right for you? I get it - you probably have a few questions. I would love to get to know each other better! Let's have a quick chat. Sign up for your free breakthrough call below - you deserve this

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