3 Truths To Live By (how to live a positive life)

I’m no guru, but I’ve learned some really amazing sh#$; truths that I choose to live by that have made all the difference. Today, I live an abundant life of positivity, power, and joy. Before you get jealous, or question my authenticity, I am the first person to admit that life did not always look this way.

I used to be a pessimist of sorts – always lingering on the bad, frustrating, and annoying things that happened day in and day out. Then, I realized life was passing me by and I was missing ALL of the good stuff! Can you relate?

So, I want to share 3 simple but profound truths that I carry with me in my back pocket.

Truth 1: People are inherently good.

Hard to believe, right? In a world where fear is in abundant supply, I still believe this to be true. Here is what I mean. We are all born with the same heart, and the same brain. Sure, some are stronger and more developed than others, but generally speaking – we have this in common.

I used to go around spewing such words as “People suck!” and “There is so much evil in the world.” and “I hate people.” Valid emotions – especially when someone does you wrong, or commits some heinous act. BUT, you have a choice – to focus your time, mind and energy on people who have embraced a life filled with fear, negativity and violence OR you can choose to pay closer attention to the good that exists in the world – remembering all the while that those “bad guys” had a choice too.

Unfortunately, some people are shaped and molded by their circumstances. They have lost touch with what really matters by choosing hate over love. Remember, thoughts become things. Make the decision to think more about everything that makes life, people and this world outstanding.

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Truth 2: Letting go is the ultimate superpower.

Your happiness just might depend on this one. What are you holding onto, and why? Ask yourself this question the next time you find yourself living in the past, holding a grudge, sitting with your frustration, venting about the same old sh#$…If we do not let go of our fears, limiting beliefs, and pain points we will never make room for the new, beautiful, joyful, positive, life-changing lessons and experiences that the universe throws our way.

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Truth 3: Your only limits are those which you put upon yourself.

Can’t make it onto the Broadway stage? Says who?! Not realistic to become a self-made millionaire? Have you SEEN Keeping Up With The Kardashians?! Never going to spend that year living abroad? Why the HELL not?

The only opinion that actually matters here is your own (and maybe your mom’s…no, not even your mom’s…sorry mom). HELLOO, who’s in charge of this life you are living anyway?

There you have it – 3 truths that will support you as you transform from anxious to fearless, overwhelmed to open-minded and negative to NAMASTE.

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