What Is Mindfulness?

When was the last time you sat in a quiet space and really embraced your ability to breathe? Breathing is one thing that we very rarely HAVE to think about – it just, happens. It’s innate and easy, yet absolutely necessary. I can’t think of many other things that are SO important but that require so little effort. 

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Mindfulness is a practice, a way of thinking and a belief that focuses its attention on the breath and our state of being. Of course, this is a very narrow view of the subject. Mindfulness is also a lifestyle. When you decide to be mindful, you are making the decision to: 

+ be completely honest with yourself, about your emotions, thoughts, and actions.

+ take care of your mind, body and soul, despite how busy you may be

+ try new things that may take you outside of your comfort zone (i.e. meditation, tapping, yoga, chanting…)

+ become assertive and tell your fears to take a hike (I’M IN CONTROL, NOW!)

Why Does Mindfulness Matter?

I learn more and more about this beautiful practice every day – from podcasts, books, poetry, mentors, YouTube.  But I didn’t always know, or understand, the idea of “being mindful.”

 “Sounds like something hippies do. Or those people who play with crystals. Not sure I buy into it.”

 But then, one book completely turned my world upside down and suddenly – I DID get it. I read Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success” and it was as if this amazing, spiritual mastermind knew exactly what I had been thinking and feeling my entire life, but could never quite figure out on my own. 


Now, as someone who had been struggling with general anxiety disorder and depression, a “quiet mind” simply didn’t exist. Hell, it doesn’t exist for most people living the 21st century! The world is louder than ever with technology always at our fingertips. Then add the stress of trying to find and maintain that “dream” job, while also keeping our social life exciting and interesting, and trying to keep it all together even though our brain is challenging us with tempting thoughts, like…

“I bet life would be much easier if I just lived on an island. Maybe I should give it all up and move to Antigua and work at a fancy resort, and drink coconut margaritas until the sun goes down.” 



Life LESSONS And Lavender

Mindfulness has taught me a lot about these thoughts of mine. For instance, I’ve realized that I don’t ACTUALLY want to “quit my life” to start anew on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. What I do crave is variety. Or how about those daydreams you have about becoming one of those desperate housewives – a “lady who lunches” if you will – with nothing to do during the day, but all the money in the world to spend, so she can go to bottomless brunches on a Tuesday with her girlfriends, or take a weekend trip to wine country.

Don’t get me wrong, some of that sounds pretty damn good. But, like many of you, I enjoy working, as long as I am doing something that I am passionate about. I would go totally bananas if I didn’t have a little bit of a routine. So no, I DON’T want to be a desperate housewife. Mindfulness has taught me that what I DO crave is love and connection – another one of the 6 human needs. 

The Transformation

My life has changed DRAMATICALLY in the last 8 months, but to an outsider, it looks as if nothing has changed. I don’t skip through the streets singing a happy song (I mean, not every day anyway) and I don’t live in a big fancy house. I don’t have millions of dollars in the bank. I didn’t move to a new city. I’m not jetting off on big, fancy vacations every other month. That’s because this change started from WITHIN – and that was the catalyst my friends.

 Because when you change on the inside, life on the outside begins to grow and transform and level up too. 


amanda Michelle 


I’m so excited to share the details of this mindfulness lifestyle with you in my new group program, The Mindfulness Masterclass


Mindfulness – SHIT, that stuff is strong. 

 XO Amanda Michelle 

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