1:1 Coaching

Why 1:1 Coaching

A lesson in self-compassion, 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching will free you - mind, body and soul - from daily overwhelm and the limiting belief that nothing that you do is good enough. Using practices in mindfulness, I will teach you how to live moment to moment so you can enjoy this beautiful life without having to constantly worry about the "what ifs" and "what's next?" 

During each 1 hour call, we will work on shifting your mindset around the blocks that are feeding your anxiety and holding you back from living the life that you crave. Do you want more financial abundance? Do you wish that you should make a shift in your career? Do you desire healthier relationships with yourself, and others? Do you feel pressured to think and act a certain way? 

The secret to joyful living is at your fingertips.

The answer is not to get rid of your problems. The answer is to learn how to work through your problems, and then grow from them.

Week 1

Break Through Fear-Based Thinking


Week 4

Master Your Mindset


Week 2

Level Up Your Confidence


Week 5

Mindful Tools For A Beautiful Future


Week 3

Create Your Own Reality


Week 6

Take Massive Action


How It Works

I understand that committing to a coach can be a bit...well...it can scare the crap out of you. You may be doubting your decision, or uncertain of what the outcome will be. I get it - I've been there, and I have these same thoughts whenever I consider signing up for a new program! So, I've created two 1:1 coaching programs for you to choose from...

1:1 Breakthrough Coaching (6 week intensive): for the woman who is ready to take massive action NOW. This 6 week intensive includes a 1-hour coaching call every week (we will determine the best time together!) In addition to all of the beautiful transformations listed above, you will also have access to the Anxious To Fearless coaching portal, which contains additional trainings and downloads.

1:1 Breakthrough Coaching (3 month journey): for the woman who is ready to break down those emotional blocks, while engaging in some self-study as well. This 3 month journey includes a 1-hour coaching call every other week, plus accountability follow-ups between each call. I will offer you content and strategies that you can begin to slowly integrate between each call. You will also have access to the Anxious To Fearless coaching portal! 

1:1 Breakthrough Coaching (6 month transformation): for the woman with big, beautiful dreams who doesn't know where to start! This 6 month transformation is a combination of mindfulness and business coaching. I will help you to develop a plan to shift your life from mediocre to badass. Together, we will break down any barriers that are currently preventing you from moving forward with your healing and accomplishing those big dreams. This program includes a 1-hour coaching call every other week, plus accountability follow-ups between each call to answer questions and resolve problems that may arise. You will also gain exclusive access to my new program, The Mindfulness Masterclass, which will take you on an incredible healing journey from anxiety and the fear that has been holding you back. PLUS, I will be sending you downloadable PDF guides, step by step goal setting worksheets, journal prompts and other goodies from my Anxious To Fearless brand. FINALLY, I will officially become your mentor in life and in business. 

discovery call

Getting To Know You

Let's chat for 20 minutes and get to know each other first (this doesn't have to be a "blind date" scenario - yikes)! Sign up for your free discovery call. No need to be nervous...think of it as a virtual coffee date. I can't wait to learn more about you and to hear your story. 

Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

1:1 Breakthrough Coaching (6 week intensive)


The secret to joyful living is at your fingertips.

Break free from anxiety and self-doubt and attract that freedom life so you can experience more joy and passion in your daily life, career and relationships!

1:1 Breakthrough Coaching (3 month journey)


Gain the confidence and learn the strategies that you need to level up your life and live abundantly!

Live the life of your daydreams! By practicing mindfulness, you can have it all without having to Do it all.

1:1 Breakthrough Coaching (6 month transformation)


So you wanna live like a badass? Let's do this thing.

A lovely combination of mindfulness, anxiety and business coaching. It's one thing to get yourself physically and mentally fit - it's another thing to take action and make your dreams a reality. During this transformation, we will set you up for success and a life filled with joy and freedom by strategizing and creating a plan that will work for YOU and your new, beautiful lifestyle.