My Story

Whats up anxiety warrior?! I am so hype that you're found yourself here, on my website, reading about little ole' me. But really, looks can be deceiving. I'm a damn force to be reckoned with! But I guess I should introduce myself first, before I reveal too much.

Amanda Michelle is a Mindfulness and Anxiety Relief Coach born and raised on Long Island, NY (in Long Island? whatever). Amanda received her degree in education from The University Of Delaware and went on to receive her Master's (well...kinda...we will get to that later) while teaching Italian at a public high school. After 6 years of dedicated service (and one emotional meltdown after another) Amanda left her teaching career and launched her own business, Life Lessons And Lavender, soon after!

Blah blah blah -- you don't really care about all that do you? Let's get to the juicy stuff!  Amanda is also 100% human, with real human emotions, issues, conflicts, frustrations, insecurities AND one hell of a spirit. I am also...

-a wife to my incredible husband Harry (future prez of the US of A) + loving puppy mom to our corgi, Luna (nicknamed Looney Tune).

-a public speaker and mental health awareness advocate

-a foodie + cocktail aficionado (actually, I am just a really excellent eater and enjoy a good happy hour).

-100% Italian, which is evident in the way I talk, think, feel and look.

-a self-proclaimed badass

This all sounds pretty great right? It is. Just like YOU, I am pretty awesome and abundantly blessed. But - also just like all of you, I have my baggage. To friends and family, I am the "bubbly" one; the one who has it all together (whatever that means). This is a perfect example of why they taught us in school to never judge a book by its cover. Because actually...

I am recovering. My story is a lengthy one - but here's the gist:

I am recovering from a mental health disorder. For more than 10 years, I suffered from heart palpitations, mental breakdowns, depression, fear (of being hated/of being loved/of death/of life...you name it), as well as deeply-rooted insecurities that led me to view my body and my personality in a very negative light. My general anxiety and depression made it nearly impossible to fully enjoy anything because in my mind, I was always 10 steps ahead (what's next? what if? everything has to come to an end and I HATE it). I lost touch with who I was and my emotions spiraled out of control until I lost it. My emotions and thoughts took me DOWN. I completely lost control of my mind, body and soul, and I became complacent with the meltdowns and panic attacks. It felt as if I was trapped inside of my body. I would do things and say things that I didn't understand. And it was only after one VERY intense, and very scary panic attack that I decided enough was enough. My breakdown led to a massive breakthrough.

All of this is to say: I see you beautiful. I understand your insecurities. I can relate to your concerns and fears. And I can help you become the best version of yourself possible, because you weren't meant to live the average life. Join me on this journey to wellness, and I will show you how to step into your true identity - break the chains of anxiety and fear-based thinking - and transform into an abundant, fearless, badass woman.

anxious to fearless
anxious to fearless

My Beliefs

I could talk about my beliefs ALL the damn day, but here are a few of my philosophies that I LIVE by.

+ Thoughts become things - so keep em' pure and kind.

+ Life does not progress in a straight line. Not everything unfolds as a series of organized, logical steps. Live in FLOW - that's where happiness lives. 

+ As women, we have a responsibility to be kind to ourselves, and then teach others how to do the same. 

+ When women empower one another, we collectively have the ability to change the damn world. 

+ Your mind will always believe everything you tell it - so feed it faith, fill it with truth and empower it with love.

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