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From Anxious To Fearless

Deepak Chopra (the OG of mindfulness) says that anxiety is fear conditioned. So, what does it mean to be fearless? I have worked very hard to discover the answer to this question. I'm no guru, but here's what I've learned...

We are all afraid of something. Actually, we are all afraid of many things - it's what we DO with this fear that matters. I became a fearless, badass woman the moment I decided that I was bigger than my fear and I've made it my mission to teach other women how to do the same.

What beliefs are holding you back? What concerns are feeding your anxiety? What thoughts about yourself and the world need to be shed so you can begin living your best life? It's 50% awareness and 50% surrender.

FEAR AIN'T IN THIS HOUSE (faith plays a role here)

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Mindfulness As A Tool

Have you ever felt as if you aren't living life quite right? That whatever you are doing isn't good enough? Are you constantly comparing yourself, your relationships and your successes and failures to those of others? Girl, you need some mindfulness! Don't worry, I spent 20 something years doing the same things. Rising, then falling hard. Judging my every thought - analyzing my every move. I dreamt of a beautiful, abundant life and a mind that was at rest. Now - I have it. I have that, and more and Mindfulness is to thank. Awareness. Inner peace. A state of NOW, not then or later. Learn more about how Mindfulness can lead you to experience more joy and abundance in your business, relationships and day to day life. Let's chat about it!

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